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Welcome to the home of the YOURMOM's Darkfall map that enables you to know everything about the Darkfall world of Agon.

Darn, Microsoft Silverlight support was not detected within your browser.

To start enjoying our map, all you have to do is to install the Microsoft Silverlight platform that powers our map. Don't worry, this is not a scam nor malware. It is merely a visual plugin into browser, one that enables for visually stunning applications, similar to Flash. You can click the link below for an automatic installation taking just a few seconds. If you don't trust this link, you can always just type "Microsoft Silverlight" into your favorite search engine and install it from there at your own volition. That way you'll see it's truly genuine, free and directly from Microsoft.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Once done, this is what you'll get, but fully interactive:  :-)

Further data about the project:

We map Darkfall cities, villages, dungeons, and structures, but more importantly also all the game's monster spawns, monster inventories, drop rates, item stats, monster weaknesses, monster attacks, item prices and so on. This is realized into a fully searchable database that can instantly display any desired information and show its world locations on map if applicable.

You can, for example, search for the enchanting catalyst "Ichor" and get a complete rundown of all the monsters dropping it, visually mapping their spawn locations, spawn chances and respawn times. You can then further analyze their drop rates and figure out the right spot for you, factoring in the respawn time. Your Mom happens to be very clever ;-)

In order to run smoothly in 60 frames per second, our map uses the Silverlight visual plugin from Microsoft. Installation should take about 3 seconds, the download is 4.7MB. This is a shared platform for many web applications, it does not contain anything specific to the map. Once there, the map will load automatically and you are all set.  If you are wary of installing new programs onto your computer (which is very understandable), read below for an explanation of what Silverlight is and what you're getting.

So what is this Silverlight?. Silverlight is a plugin similar to Flash, allowing to display rich multimedia content inside your browser rather than bland click-fest pages. Without Silverlight (or Flash), it is technically impossible to provide a truly smoothly zoomable map at 60 frames per second. Check any GoogleMaps powered maps (that is any other Darkfall map), you'll see the difference. We chose Silverlight to provide this superior experience, not to takeover your computer. It's from Microsoft directly and since you already have their operating system, there should be really little to be worried about, it is as secure as it gets. It takes only a couple seconds to install and is done automatically upon your first visit. You need to do this only once. If still in doubt, visit our forums at and verify that our map is indeed genuine and risk-free.

~ The YourMom Team

Hope to see ya with us!